MADA demands an end of incitement against journalists


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms ” MADA” expresses its deep concern over the of systematic incitement and pressure against Palestinian journalists and media outlets where they work, by Israeli Occupation Authorities and other parties in order to affect their professional coverage, and the exclusion of certain news and information that don’t appeal to Israel.

The most recent incitement was on “Camera” website that operates from the USA, publishing a report that is far from accuracy, criticizing the impartiality and objectivity of the “AFP” Agency France Press, and the professionalism of their correspondent in Ramallah- Nasser Abu Bakr- through certain allegations regarding some reports that was conducted and published by the journalist Abu Bakr, claiming that there is a conflict of interest that affects the neutrality of the FPA particularly after appointing him as the chairman of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.

What was published on Camera website of allegations against the journalist Abu Bakr and the “AFP” was only another episode in a series of escalating incitement operations against

Palestinian journalists and media outlets whether (Arabic, Foreigner or Palestinian) by Israeli authorities or pro-Israel parties, moreover, another website operating from Europe “The European Institute for counter incitement “who published names and photos and business cards of famous journalists of their professionality, that incites and accuses them of impartiality and bias, rather than the closure of several media outlets by Israeli Occupation Authorities under the pretext of “Exercising Incitement” and the arrestment of journalists under the same pretext.

In a related context, the journalist Amjad Yaghi from Gaza Strip is also exposed since few days to an incitement campaign by local Palestinian parties linked to an investigation published in the Lebanese Newspaper “Al-Akhbar” on sexual harassment.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” demands an end to all incitement campaigns against Palestinian Journalists and media outlets, and considers it as a grave danger against media freedoms and the ability of journalists and media outlets to perform effectively through all these campaigns and pressure.