New video shows knife being kicked towards Hebron man after his execution

PNN/ Hebron/

Two months after the publishing of the shocking video when an Israeli soldier executed a man while wounded on the ground, another video went viral showing a knife being kicked towards his body.

The video, published by Israel’s Channel Ten, shows a knife being kicked towards the body of Abdul-Fattah Al-Sharif (21) who was executed minutes before by soldier Elor Azarya while wounded on the ground.

Before being finally executed by soldier Azarya, Abdul-Fattah had been bleeding on the ground for eight minutes, army investigation showed.

Azarya was defended by politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and treated as a hero by thousands of Israelis who have rallied in his support.

Abdul-Fattah’s body  was detained since then and returned to his family only Sunday, 26 May.

Ramzi Al-Qasrawi (21) was shot dead by another soldier at the scene after he reportedly stabbed , moderately injued a soldier.

The activist who documented the video of the execution, Imad Abu-Shamsiya from B’Tselem rights group faced death threats for publishing the original execution video:

Several cases showed Palestinians being killed and then knives being planted next to their bodies as false evidence.