Shaked: No Palestinian state with Jewish Home in gov’t

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli Justice minister, Ayelet Shaked on Wednesday said that as long as her nationalist religious party, Jewish Home, is in the Israeli government coalition, there will be no Palestinian state.

Shaked, who’s famous for her far-right statements, has said that Israeli settlements will not be evacuated and or given back to Palestinians.

“I will say the obvious: As long as we are in the government, there will be no Palestinian state, there will be no settlement evacuations and we will not give any land to our enemies,” Shaked said during a tour of the West Bank Binyamin region on Tuesday.

According to Israeli media, Shaked said that her party is the only one fighting for the Israeli settlements, or communities inside the West Bank, against what she called “Hamas” and Da’esh.

The leader of the right-wing party, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, added that “everyone who is opposed to dividing Jerusalem and building a Palestinian state… don’t worry: we’re here.”

Last week, Shaked promised that her government will continue settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.

Shaked has recently declared her intention to set a special law stipulating the enforcement of Israeli laws on settlers in the West Bank which means annexing the West Bank to the Israeli sovereignty.


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