Israeli plan to give PA control over some Jerusalem areas


Israel’s channel 10 has revealed an Israeli plan to allow the Palestinian Authority (PA) to have administrative and security control over some Palestinian neighborhoods in Occupied Jerusalem.

According to the channel, mayor of the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem Nir Barkat claimed that Arab neighborhoods in the holy city and its vicinity as well as Shu’fat refugee camp would be under the control of the PA.

In a seminar held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Thursday, Barkat expressed his support for removing security walls from several neighborhoods in the city and annex them to what he labelled as the capital, but he emphasized his opposition to any intention to waive any part of Jerusalem.

Under the Oslo accords, the Palestinian occupied territories have been divided into three areas classified as A, B and C. Area A, which comprises 18 percent of the West Bank area, is supposed to be under full PA security and civil control, while Area B, 22 percent of the West Bank, should be under PA civil control and joint Israeli-PA security control.

Area C, which is about 61 percent of the West Bank, is under full Israeli military and administrative control.