Al Hoash opens up its arms for a new generation of Palestinian artists

 Fervent Art lovers discover the works of the next generation of Palestinian Artists at Al Hoash’s Sixth Art Auction.

In its consecutive 6th year, Palestinian Art Court-Al Hoash, offered art lovers, collectors, and artists an exciting opportunity to participate in a one-night-art-auction event at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, May 26th, 2016.

The auction, is an annual event by Al Hoash, where diverse works of art get exhibited for purchase.

The success of Al Hoash’s Fifth Auction, 2015, and the development of the Palestinian art scene and constant flourishing of local markets and regular art sales taking place in Palestine, Al Hoash was encouraged this year to shift its traditional approach and open its arms for a new generation of artists. In the Auction’s opening speech, Alia Rayyan, Director of Al Hoash stated that: Al Hoash decided that it was time to open up the floor to a new generation of voices, granting them the chance to be heard and acknowledged, we wanted to offer them a platform to showcase their next step.”

Prior to the Auction, an Exhibition of the Art works occurred on Monday 16, May, at Al Hoash, where community members, artists and art lovers got a firsthand preview of the artworks. Under the title WHAT’S NEXT, Al Hoash managed to bring together 14 internationally known, emerging, and new Palestinian artists from Palestine and the diaspora to Al Hoash in Jerusalem. The artworks tackling the issues of identity, freedom, and the future where exhibited in the 68th commemoration week of the Nakbah.

Furthermore, Al Hoash chose to shift the attention from oil painting, the medium that is currently dominating the auctions, and allow for other media, such as photography, installations, and video art to join in.

Art collectors, philanthropists and outstanding Palestinian artists came together and joined in this year’s event.

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