EU strongly opposed to Israel’s settlement policy , demolitions and confiscations


EU spokesperson said Today Friday 20/5/2016 in a statement Palestine News Network PNN received on the latest Israeli demolitions decisions in the West Bank that the EU is strongly opposed to Israel’s settlement policy and actions taken in this context, including demolitions and confiscations, building the separation barrier beyond the 1967 line, evictions and forced transfers. Such developments in the so-called E1 area call into question Israel’s commitment towards the two-state solution.

The EU spokesperson also said that the regrettable trend of confiscations and demolitions since the beginning of the year, including of EU-funded humanitarian assistance, was confirmed once again this week by demolitions of temporary shelters in Jabal al-Baba, a Bedouin community in the so-called E1 area.

Bedouin communities in the central West Bank have faced repeated confiscations and demolitions in recent years, as part of the plans which have put them in grave humanitarian need and risk ending in forced transfers.


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