Palestinian Art Court Al Hoash holds “WHAT’s NEXT” exhibition

PNN/ Jerusalem/

 On May 16th, community members, artists and art lovers gathered at Al Hoash gallery to attend the exhibition opening entitled WHAT’s NEXT. The exhibition supported by Switzerland, through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC, featured a collection of art works by 12 Palestinian artists from across Palestine and the diaspora, under Al Hoash’s Creative Industry project. The Creative Industry project is an initiative of Al Hoash aimed at creating space for artists to exhibit their work and contribute to reclaiming the centrality and linkages of culture with the tourism market in Palestine.

WHAT’s NEXT is a visual art exhibition that brought together internationally known Palestinian artists representing emerging new generation of artists from different regions and realities to tackle issues related to identity, creativity, freedom and future – including artists from Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah, Haifa, USA, Germany, Jordan, Switzerland, Nazareth, and France.

Alia Rayyan, director of Al Hoash stated in her opening speech that “This Exhibition is taking place in a significant week that we can all relate to. She also added that “WHAT’s NEXT, is addressing the question of how we can find new forms of recounting the Palestinian narrative, inside and outside of Palestine. These artists gathered in the space of Al Hoash, to share their standpoints and reflections to inspire us find new ways to perceive and present ourselves”

The title of the exhibition “WHAT’s NEXT” reflects the role of the new generation of Palestinian artists in the art world, their lives, and offering them a platform to show their next step. Majdal Nateel from Gaza expressed her joy for being part of the exhibition stating “This is a golden opportunity for us in Gaza, especially to participate in an Exhibition occurring in Jerusalem.” She also talked about the particularity of the Exhibition, bringing together Palestinian women artists from all over the world, adding that “The presence of Palestinian women artists was tangible even before the Nakbah; and that it was essential to show that we are still present in the Palestinian art arena”

Following the exhibition, on 26 May, the artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at Al Hoash’s 6th Annual Auction, to be conducted at the American Colony in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash is a Palestinian non-profit art organization based in Jerusalem, established in 2004. Al Hoash provides a knowledge-based platform for both emerging and established artists in Palestine to express, explore, realize and strengthen their national and cultural identity through visual practice. Al Hoash programs and its’ gallery provide a space for artists to showcase innovative and significant works. It promotes the interaction between the artists and the audience, encouraging them to acquire understanding and appreciation of artistic production. Al Hoash has been exploring new approaches by introducing the concept of creative place making, an initiative that makes art more accessible to the masses, where participants use creative processes to interact in public spaces. Moreover, it helps communities rediscover and strengthen their relationship with their surroundings.




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