PLO Executive Committee Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: The Nakba continues


“The creation of Israel on Palestinian land in 1948 constitutes a grave historical injustice to the Palestinian people that persists until now. During the Nakba (“catastrophe”), Israel destroyed 531 Palestinian towns and villages and committed at least 33 massacres, and more than 800,000 Palestinians were uprooted and expelled to live as refugees at the mercy of others. Since 1948, Israel has employed deliberate and systematic acts of violence, colonialism and destruction at the expense of the Palestinian people, their rights, lands, and resources. Fundamentalist Zionism is bent on pursuing these policies unilaterally to superimpose “Greater Israel” on historical Palestine.

More than seven million Palestinian refugees reside in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in exile. Palestinian refugees have suffered for far too long, and it is time that their plight is recognized by the international community and resolved in in accordance with international law and conventions, including the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 (1948), the 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

The Palestinian leadership is proud of the Palestinian people for their courage, resilience, persistence, and steadfastness, and we will remain undeterred as we continue to pursue their national, legal, historical, and political rights.”