Bedouin communities hold first conference to endorse struggle under occupation

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Representatives of 1948 Bedouin Palestinian communities, in addition to PSCC activists and officials from the Anti wall and settlement ministry, on Saturday held the first conference i1n an East Jerusalem area, for all Bedouin Palestinians who are threatened with displacement by the E1 colonial project.

The conference was launched in Khan Al-Ahmar School, east Jerusalem, where representatives of the Bedouin communities in the Negev desert and in Israel (1948 lands) were gathered and introduced to the aeas threatened with diisplacement or demolition.

PSCC coordinator, Munther Amira pointed out that the popular movement in the “Jerusalem Gate area” in Abu Dis town, East Jerusalem, has played a major role, especially that the confiscation of this area and displacing its Bedouins would divide the occupied West Bank into two halves by illegal settlements.

Amira and stressed that this conference holds a number of the most important messages stuck to the Bedouin settlements in historic Palestine the right to live her life according to Bardaha and occupation that wants to impose measures and models of life style change and the nature of the nomadic life of the system.

The governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Husseini said the Bedouin issue is an old but ongoing battle, extending from the Negev desert in the south to the Dead Sea in the north, while Israel still continues with its ongoing displacement policies to establish illegal settlements.

To their part, representatives of the Bedouin communities have expressed their appreciation to this conference which is held for the first time to recognize their suffering under Israeli occupation, subjected to campaigns for prosecution, displacement and demolition of buildings and Albaraksat pointing to what ails village hocks.

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