Palestinian man killed under alleged run-over of soldiers

PNN/ Ramallah/

Israeli soldiers on Tuesday night shot dead a Palestinian driver, allegedly after he rammed his  vehicle towards three Israeli soldiers at the 17 military checkpoint near Ramallah.

Israeli reports claim that the Palestinian ran-ver, injured three soldiers before he fled the scene, then another military force surrounded his truck, immediately killing him.

The Palestinian was identified as Ahmad Shehada, 38. He was left bleeding on the ground, without any medical aid, as the soldiers prevented Red Crescent medics from approaching him. He is from Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, and lives in Betunia town.


The soldiers later placed him in one of their jeeps and drove away while Israeli ambulances rushed to the scene, and moved the wounded soldiers to a nearby colony, before they were airlifted to hospitals.

Following the incident, the soldiers closed the main road leading to Ramallah city, and all villages and towns west of it, and installed many roadblocks.

The soldiers also fired teargas grenades at Palestinians, and their cars, who were stopped behind the roadblock, causing many to suffer the teargas inhalation.

Eyewitnesses said the Palestinian likely accidentally rammed the soldiers as he was driving his mid-size truck and was surprised when three soldiers appeared in the middle of the road signaling for him to stop.

They added that the Palestinian then got scared and decided to drive away from the scene, but the army intercepted his truck, and killed him.

Hours after the shooting, the army transfer the Shehada’s corpse to the Palestinian side, before it was moved to the Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah, where hundreds of Palestinians gathered.

Ahmad’s vehicle

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