Erekat announces end of bilateral meetings with Israeli officials

PNN/ Ramllah/

Israeli media sources on Tuesday reported that Secretary General of the PLO executive committee, Dr. Saeb Erekat, announced the end of bilateral meetings with the Israeli side.

This decision reportedly came after Israel continuously refusing to commit to signed agreements, in addition to continuing to invasion and confiscation of Palestinian land, and rejecting the French intitiative to end Israeli occupation on the 1967 seized lands.

On Monday, the Central Committee of Fatah held a meeting in the presidency headquarters in Ramallah, headed by president Mahmoud Abbas, where they welcomed the French initiative to end the Israeli occupation within a deadline, outside of the 1967 occupied Palestinian lands.

The meeting included discussing the political situation and the student elections in Palestinian universities.

The committee also expressed its support to the Palestinian prisoner, Sami Janazra, who has been on a 62-day hunger strike, and solidarity with all prisoners.