IOF burn and destroy properties in al-Bireh, Thursday at dawn


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday at dawn invaded al-Bireh area, in Ramallah district, clashed with local youth and afterwards set a shop on fire, after damaging and confiscating all its equipment, Palestinian sources say.

A large number of IOF military vehicles invaded al-Bireh area overnight and clashes erupted between the IOF soldiers and the Palestinian youth.

After a while, according to locals, the IOF surrounded the quarter where Alajula Exchange Money shop is located and the Israeli soldiers stormed the shop’s doors, confiscated and damaged the shop’s equipments and after they left the shop, they set the three floors building on fire.

The Palestinian Civil Defense stated that the IOF did not allow their teams to approach the area.

As a result, not just Alajula shop and its building were damaged, but ten more other surrounding shops were affected.

Nael Al azza, the Palestinian Civil Defense spokesperson, added that they believe the IOF used a kind of fuel that spreads faster than common fuels. Al Azza stated that they will open an investigation and will make it public as soon as they have the results.

Until now, no specific reason for the burning of Alajula shop was released.

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