Palestinian families demanding Israel to return detained martyr bodies

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Palestinian families of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli Occupation since the start of the third uprising last October, have released a campaign demanding Israel to bring back their sons’ bodies.

The campaign, founded by the families and The Popular Campaign to releasing the bodies of the martyrs, wrote:

“Given the importance of the hearing by the Israeli High Court on the 18th of April 2016 to the petition that was submitted by the Addameer prisoners support and Human Rights Association and Adalah: The legal Center to Arab Minority Rights in Israel; held an expanded meeting attended by jurists, lawyers, legal expert, specialists and representatives of the Palestinian human rights organizations, as part of the preparation to the hearing within the legal, international, and popular aspects have agreed on the following:

1. We stress the importance of the hearing from the humanitarian and legal aspects, and must make every effort to have our just –right voice heard in the courtroom by focusing on the elements of the claim line that has been reviewed in the meeting.

2. To move the world public opinion by enlisting the legal institutions and foreign dignitaries to support the families of martyrs and the creation of international public opinion condemning the detention of the bodies which is contrary to international humanitarian law and international covenants.

3. The attendees call on the effectiveness of the organizers of the World Series for reading, which will take place in a number of European and Arab countries in the 16th of this month, to take up this issue during the event as part of the international campaign to recover the bodies of the martyrs.

4. The attendees call again to the Palestinian, Arab and foreign media to host legal experts Palestinians, Arabs and foreigners to take up this subject humanly and legally and to expose Israeli occupation both locally and internationally and embarrass it before the hearing on the said date.

5. We call for solidarity and passive popular media on the day of the hearing in order to demonstrate the importance of this case and its humanitarian dimensions.

Israel is currently detained about 15 Palestinians bodies, and has detained over 55 since the start of October, releasing some under conditions and detaining some for different periods of time.

There has been several reports that also confirmed Israel harvesting body parts from the bodies.