Ariel settlement sewage destroying environment in Salfit, West Bank

PNN/ Salfit/

The Palestinian farmers in Salfit district, northern West Bank, have been reporting serious water pollution and damage in plants due to the sewage coming from Ariel illegal settlement, West of the city.

This issue has been going on for over two years now, as the settlement keeps dumping sewage water onto the Al-Matwi valley, causing severe damage to its environmen.

According to PIC, farmers complained in particular about the smell of sewage, large numbers of pigs and insects which pollute water springs and agricultural lands and cause lots of diseases to plants of the season.

PIC added that researcher Khaled Maali warned of the dangerous flow of sewage water into the groundwater and springs which constitutes an environmental problem. Maali called on the environmental institutions to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities in order to halt polluting Palestinian resources and environment.