IOF demolish a playground and sweep an agricultural land in Silwan


Israeli occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday morning a private playground, a room and several walls in the neighborhood of Abbasyeh in Silwan.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center (SILWANIC), joint crews of occupation municipality, Nature and Parks authority and Israeli Special Forces raided the neighborhood of Abbasyeh in Silwan and surrounded a land owned by Khaled Al-Zeer which was turned into a playground few months ago by placing toys for children such as a swing, a slide and other toys.

Khaled Al-Zeer explained that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the playground without prior notice and damaged the toys and swept the land.

They also demolished the walls of a 12-square meters room used for livestock and as storage area for the family.

Al-Zeer added that the bulldozers deliberately damaged and swept the land, removed and cut the trees.

As stated by Silwanic, the IOF used force to keep young men away from the demolition site and threw a big rock towards Al-Zeer to force him to stay away; they also assaulted another Palestinian, Jihad Al-Zeer.

The IOF also closed the main roads in the area, preventing local cars and residents to move.


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