West Bank settlers form military unit to terrorize Bedouin communities

PNN/ Jericho/
A group of Israeli settlers all over the occupied West Bank have recently formed a military unit specialized in terrorizing and attacking the Bedouin Palestinians living in communities nearby the illegal settlements.
Head of the Popular Committees for protecting the Bedouins, Jamil Hamadin, said that the Israeli army announced forming a unit which gathered a number of settlers from different West Bank settlements, to monitor the Bedouin communities at the roadside between Ma’aleh Adummim settlement and Jericho.
The unit was given the green light to interfere in the Bedouin communities, under claims that Bedouins are illegally residing in that area.
Hamadin said that this is a dangerous move which will escalate Israeli violations against the Bedouin Palestinians who should be immediately protected, and protection should include their lives, property, livestock, in addition to freedom of movement, water and electricity services.
Bedouin Palestinians in the C area of the West Bank, which makes up to 60% of its land and falls under Israeli military and civil administration, have been subjected to Israeli violations for tens of years now.
The communities, especially near Jericho, East Jerusalem and southern Hebron hills have been facing continuous demolitions and displacement threats, while illegal Israeli settlers have the full access to civil rights, housing and education.



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