Netanyahu to AIPAC: Abbas refuses to speak to me for even one minute


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech on Tuesday to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) conference that he expects the Obama Administration to oppose any resolution on the Israel-Palestinian issue at the United Nations Security Council.

Furthermore, he offered his condonlenses with Brussels, compared Palestinians to ISIS and said Abbas refuses to speak to him.

Netanyahu, who spoke via satellite after having cancelled his trip to Washington two weeks ago, offered his condolences following the terror attacks in Brussels as part of a wider condemnation of global terrorism.

“The chain of attacks from Paris to San Bernardino to Istanbul to the Ivory Coast and now to Brussels and the daily attacks in Israel, this is one continuous assault on all of us.”

“The only way to defeat these terrorists is to join together and fight them together. That’s how we’ll defeat terrorism: with political unity and with moral clarity.”

The Israeli Prime Minister further said that some members of the international community are interested in forcing Israel to accept U.N. conditions, and that he hopes the United States will stick by its longstanding policy and reject these efforts.

Netanyahu added that he was happy to hear various U.S. presidential candidates pledge in their remarks to AIPAC on Monday that they would veto any steps proposed against Israel in the UN Security Coucnil.

He also said any steps by the Council would not advance but only distance the chances for peace. “A security council resolution will only convince the Palestinians they can stab their way to a state,” Netanyahu said.


When responding to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks to AIPAC on Sunday aboutr his impressions from his visit this month to Jerusalem and Ramallah stating that both sides have no political desire to advance the peace process, Netanyahu said:

“I know there is skepticism about my positions so I want to state clearly that I am willing to start direct talks immediately without preconditions, anytime, anywhere. That is a fact. But president Abbas is not willing to do that. That is a fact, too. There is political will here in Jerusalem but there is no political will there in Ramallah. Abbas refuses to speak to me for even one minute. And he is fueling young Palestinians with incitement against Israel.”

After addressing Biden, Netanyahu presented a video tape including excerpts from Palestinian television, that according to him, build efforts to incite the public against Israel.

“If the international community really wants to advance peae it must demand that the Palestinians stop poisoning the minds of their children. ”

He said that “increasingly our other neighbors recognize that we have common interests. They undertsnatd that we face the same threats, from Iran and from ISIS, I can tell you from the perspective of my lifetime this is an historic change. I believe it offers a unique oppty to advance peace, and we are working everyday to seize that opportunity.”

The Israeli prime minister was originally scheduled to appear in person at the AIPAC conference, and was to meet with Obama last week in Washington.

However, he canceled the meeting, citing a desire not to interfere in U.S. elections, but reportedly was also wary of leaving the White House without finalizing that new security agreement.

The current U.S. aid package to Israel expires next year, and the White House wants to finalize a deal before Obama leaves office.

AIPAC is a self-declared pro-Israel organization that aims to strengthen support for Israel among the U.S. public. It advocates for a pro-Israel agenda in U.S. Congress, and is considered to hold a considerable influence in U.S. politics.

U.S. Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as well as U.S. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at the conference Monday. More than 15,000 people and two-thirds of Congress typically turn out for the annual conference, according to the event’s website, making it the largest pro-Israel gathering in the U.S