Abla Al-Adam after she was shot in the head, Jerusalem

On Mother’s Day: 13 Palestinian mothers kept in Israeli prisons

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Prisoners Club on Monday said that the Israeli Occupation is keeping 13 Palestinian mothers in jail, away from their families.

The club said that Israeli Authorities prohibit the mothers from open visits with their families, and prevents them from using phones or texting them.

Amongst the prisoners is a leftist lawmaker, Khalida Jarrar, and mother of nine children, Abla Al-Adam (45) from Hebron. Abla was kidnapped after she was shot in the head on 20 December 2015, and she still suffers from her wounds, without any medical follow up.
The majority of these mothers have been arrested without any sentences, three were sentenced to 15-26 months of imprisonment, and one has been sentenced to 10 months in prison and a 20,000 shekel ($5,000) fine.