Ali Al-Kar (20) and Ali Taqatqa (19), from Beit Fajjar village were killed four days ago and brought back only yesterday

IOF target Palestinian factories as collective punishment, Beit Fajjar

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) for the fifth consecutive day have sustained their collective punishment  measures on  Beit Fajar town, southwest of Bethlehem, where they launched a waide raid campaign against the town houses, kidnapped youths, and broke into a number of factories and dismantled them.

Local sources from the town said that IOF stormed a number of local stone factories, dismantled equipemnt as they were accompanied by “mechanics”, and confiscated them.

Sources also added that IOF detained dozens of  workers in the factories that were stormed in the morning.

These measures came after IOF shot dead two Palestinians originally from the village, who were accused of carrying out a  stabbing operative  near Ariel illegal settlement, northern West Bank.

The shooting of Ali Al-Kar (20) and Ali Taqatqa (19), took place four days ago, and their bodies were handed back to their families only yesterday, Sunday afternoon.

They were  reportedly killed and left to bleed on the ground without any paramedic treatment, and caused the female Israeli soldier light wounds.

Collective punishment is illegal in the international law, however it has been taking many forms that include demolitions and blockades.

The current tension has been ongoing since October 2015, due to repetitive Israeli settler attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest place in Islam, and Israeli restrictions over Palestinian entrance, in addition to the Duma arson attack which killed a baby and his parents on July, 31.

Moreover, the IOF has been criticized internationally in recent months for its ‘preemptive shootings’ of Palestinians alleged to be holding knives.

In addition several of the incidents in which the IOF has claimed that they were ‘attacked’ have proven to be false.

Since then, over 180 Palestinians have been killed. More than 15,000 Palestinians have been injured by IOF live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas.

Some 30 settlers were killed on the Israeli side in Palestinian operatives.