Erekat: Seizure of vast land coherent with Israel’s Aparthied regime

PNN/ Ramallah/

PLO Secretary General, Dr. Saeb Erekat on Tuesday has issued a statement regarding the Israeli seizure of 2,342 acres of land from Jericho in the Jordan valley and declaring it “state land. Erekat said that the decision is “coherent with its government’s plan to impose an Apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

“Israel, the occupying power, continues its colonial project by maintaining its belligerent occupation and by annexing more Palestinian lands throughout the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan Valley,” Erekat said.

Erekat added that the PA was informed about this decision the same day that Israeli officials met with the French special envoy for an International Peace Conference, Pierre Vimont, saying that “this symbolizes Israel’s culture impunity, granted by the international community, which is indeed the main obstacle to end the Israeli occupation and realize the systematically denied inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.”

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