Israeli Minister: We need to give Gaza its own port– under Israeli supervision

PNN/ Gaza/

The right-wing Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, Yisrael Katz on Sunday said that the Israeli government should give Gaza its own seaport, but to have it under Israeli “security supervision.”

According to the Hebrew broadcast, Katz said that Israeli should allow Gaza to build its seaport because this will decrease the stress on the poeple in Gaza.

Kats added that Israel should evacuatre its responsibility from the strip before the International Community because it will be guilty as long as Gaza is under seige, therefore, the seaport would be an advantage for Israel.

Three weeks ago, Katz called on Israeli authorities to displace the families of “Palestinian attackers” to Gaza or Syria to “deter the Palestinian minors from carrying any attempts to attack Israelis, since demolitions were not enough to stop them.”

Netanyahu supported the decision, but said that the issue is that deporting these families would be illegal in the international law because it is considered as collective punishment, which is illegal in the international law.

However, Israel had already deported one family of an alleged Palestinian attacker who was killed in the past few months, to the West Bank.