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Settlers set Palestinian house on fire, southern Bethlehem


Jewish settlers on Thursday evening set fire to a Palestinian house in Shushahla village, south of Bethlehem city, and caused considerable material damage to it.

According to anti-settlement activist Hasan Barejiya, a few settlers from the illegal Danial settlement torched the house of Muhannad Salah while he and his family were outside.

After returning to their house, Salah and his family members tried to put out the fire, but it had already caused extensive damage to the furniture and interior walls.

12802847_1110848622325371_6656718899058432815_nThe same house had been attacked in the morning of the same day with stones and its exterior walls were daubed with anti-Arab graffiti and threats, Barejiya noted.

Local sources said that the settlers from Danial illegal settlement made a hole in the razor wire between the settlement and the village, broke in, and sprayed slogans which read “Death to Arabs” and “Leave”.

The settlers also hurled stones at the home knowing that the family was inside it.

The village of Shushahla is a historical site that was built in 1878. After the occupation of Palestine in 1947, IOF demolished it and displaced its Palestinian residents, leaving only a few farmers.

It is now surrounded by illegal settlements who are also attempting to take over it by any means.

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