MADA highly concerned of Netanyahu’s decision to shut down media outlets


A recent dangerous escalatory step by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following an “mini meeting” convened on Tuesday, where security officials passed a series of punishment measures  resolutions; against Palestinians. One of those decisions was shutting down media outlets, to end attacks by Palestinians that targets Israelis, claiming that Palestinian media exercises “incitement ” that  leads for carrying out such attacks.

This resolution is  considered as an extension of all systematic violations against media freedoms in Palestine by the Israeli Occupation, particularly, since October and interspersed by the closure of three Palestinian radio stations, and  the threat of others shut down, for alleged of practicing “incitement ” through broadcasting  news and programs.

In conjunction, with those recent resolutions, Israeli occupation forces arrested  editor in  Al Fajer TV  and the correspondent of  Al Quds radio Sami Saeed Al Sa’ee (36 years) after raiding his house in  in Tulkarm city north of West Bank, as his wife Amani Al Sa’ee reported to MADA.

Amani said that “ around 3:00 am we were traumatized with hard knocks on the door, and a large force raided the house and arrested Sami, after questioning his name and date of birth, afterwards, they asked him to take all his needed medications”.

She added “ nothing was confiscated during the raid only my Cellphone as they suspected that I photographed them, meanwhile, they didn’t interrogate or accuse him.

The Palestinian center for Development and Media Freedoms MADA, is highly concerned regarding the recent resolution by the Israeli Government of shutting down media outlets alleging of “incitement” neglecting the main reason of the whole conflict which is the continuous  occupation and all systematic violations against Palestinian people, hence, we demand the International society to put pressure on the Israeli Government  to withdraw the resolution, and reopen of the recent three radio stations that were shut by the Israeli Occupation Forces (few months ago), and the instant reparation and compensation for all losses due to it.

Finally, to end all escalating attacks against media freedoms in Palestine ,particularly, arrestments and physical harassments  that escalated remarkably over the past months, and to hold accountability for all the perpetrators of these violation.