3.000 Palestinian teachers march in Ramallah,Monday


On Monday, over 3,000 Palestinian public school teachers rallied outside the Palestinian Prime Minister’s office in Ramallah, demanding new representation in negotiations between teachers and the Palestinian Authority (PA), as teachers entered their fourth week of strike.

Palestinian teachers and supporters raised posters with slogans asserting that teachers would continue with their strike until their demands were met.

In a press release, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah reaffirmed “his commitment to Palestinian teachers, students and their parents to work on finding an equitable solution to end the teachers’ strike, in order for students to return to their classrooms.”

“The Palestinian teacher deserves our respect and admiration; however, everyone should put the interest of our children and their education ahead of everything,” Hamdallah said.

12821383_10206829516031257_528610514585241815_nThey have been on strike since mid-February seeking higher salaries as pledged to them by the PA in the 2013 agreement that was never implemented.

The PA has threatened to take legal action against the teachers if they do not return to work immediately.

Last month, over 20.000 teachers marched in Ramallah, marking one of the biggest demonstrations against the PA in recent years.