Israelis Digging Under Al Ibrahimi Mosque


On the morning of March 3, 2016, it was discovered that the Israeli occupiers have been digging in the cave, approximately 16m below the floor, of Al Ibrahimi mosque. The Israelis have dug into a holy cave containing the graves of messengers without a valid reason and in secret. Their deceptive endeavor is a serious assault on the holy site and a danger to its contents.

It is clear that this tampering is being done in a direct attempt to Judaize the holy site. Their exact plans and the extent of their activities are unknown. It is also unknown from which point they entered the site.

The seriousness of this situation cannot be stressed enough. HRC views these activities as an attack on the historical site and knows that such digging and presence in the caves can cause irreparable harm to the site.

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee condemns these actions and is calling on all international and regional organizations, global leaders, solidarity groups and officials of local and foreign governments to work in an effort to prevent further digging and tampering with Al Ibrahimi Mosque. There is a need for local and international actors to speak out against these activities. Not only just words, but action is needed also. Coordinated efforts from global leaders are vital to preventing further escalation of this issue.