Netanyahu studying “deporting Palestinian attackers’ families to Gaza”

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu  on Wednesday has ordered his government legal adviser to study the possibility of deporting the families of Palestinian attackers to the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu’s office published a copy of the letter addressed to the attorney general, which read: “using this legal method will decrease the terrorist attacks against the state of Israel and its people”.

This move comes a week after the Israeli Transportation minister, Yisrael Katz, has called on Israeli authorities to displace the families of “Palestinian attackers” to Gaza or Syria, saying that it will “deterr the Palestinian minors from carrying any attempts to attack Israelis, since demolitions were not enough to stop them.”

Netanyahu then expressed his full support to the statement, however said that the Judiciary system would not allow it, because it is considered as collective punishment, which is illegal in the international law.

Since the start of October, more than 185 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, at least 37 of them children and some extrajudicially executed under alleged attempts of attacks, while Israeli Authorities have been demolishing their family homes inhesitantly.

On the Israeli side, 27 settlers and soldiers were killed either in such attacks or by friendly fire.

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