IOF demolish two prisoner homes in Hebron overnight

PNN/ Hebron/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday overnight have demolished the homes of two Palestinian prisoners located in villages of the Hebron district.

Local sources from Hebron said that the forces invaded the village of Deir Samet and demolished the home of Mohammad Al-Hroub, who was detained three months ago under the pretext of shooting two settlers and injuring others in a shooting operative near the Gush Etzion checkpoint, northe of Hebron.

Following that, IOF demolished a 200 square meter home in Tarousa village, which belongs to Raed Masalmeh who is also accused of killing two settlers in a Tel Aviv stab operative.

Israeli Occupation Authorities vowed to demolish the homes of all “Palestinian attackers” as collective punishment, in addition to taking more punitive measures such as withdrawing civil rights and residency.

Israel is still going strong with demolition policy, destroying homes under different pretexts, which include security reasons, a lack of building licences.

According to a PLO affiliated study, IOF have destroyed some 478 Palestinian facilities, including homes, clinics and historical sites during 2015.

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