Transporation Minister Yisrael Katz and PM Benjamin Netanyahu during rally in November (Haaretz)

Israeli minister calls on “displacing attackers’ families to Gaza or Syria”

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The Israeli Transportation minister, Yisrael Katz, on Sunday has called on Israeli authorities to displace the families of “Palestinian attackers” to Gaza or Syria.

According to the leading Hebrew newspaper Ynet, Katz said that this move of displacing the Palestinian families will deter the Palestinian minors from carrying any attempts to attack Israelis, since demolitions were not enough to stop them.

To his part, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his support to Katz, however said that the Judiciary system would not allow it, because it is considered as collective punishment, which is illegal in the international law.

However, Netanyahu promised Katz to run a discussion on the issue in the Cabinet.

And in another similar stand, the right-wing extremist minister of Education, Naftali Bennett, said on Sunday during the cabinet meeting that Palestinian parents “do not prevent their sons from “stabbing Israelis” since they “get financial compensation from the Palestinian Authority” when their child is killed.

According to Haaretz, these statements have shocked the ministers who were attending the meeting, making them “twist in their chairs.”

Back in November, Bennett  had said that “[Israelis] should have killed more [Arabs],” in response to the Arab MK, Hanin Zoabi’s condemnations of Israel boasting about killing innocent civilians.

At that time, Bennett immediately accused Zoabi of lying, then said that “anyone who lifts a hand against Israel must die.”

The Israeli rhetoric against Palestinians has been lately growing on an alarming rate, starting with the complete denial of civil rights for Palestinians, then the denial of a Palestinian nation, to the denial of Israeli occupation; a rhetoric which has escalated illegal Israeli demolitions and settlement expansion on Palestinian land.

Katz statements come as a result of a violence that sparked last October, following numerous Israeli violations of this kind against Palestinians.

Since then, some 180 Palestinians and 30 Israelis have been killed.

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