7th Annual Open Shuhada St Campaign (February 19-28, 2016)


Open Shuhada Street Campaign is a Palestinian-led local and international nonviolent campaign to protest against the measures of closure and separation in Hebron, started in 2010 by Youth Against Settlements (YAS).

Activists and organizations in Palestine and from around the world join together around February 25 in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Hebron, demanding:

  • The re-opening Shuhada Street to all people;
  • The implementation of international law and human rights in Hebron;
  • An end to the separation regime in Hebron;
  • In end of the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land.

To this end, in combination with legal action to re-open Shuhada Street, Open Shuhada Street Campaign mobilizes locally and internationally for nonviolent direct actions.

The organizers are asking people across the social medias to:

  1. Use the hashtag #OpenShuhadaSt;
  2. RSVP and post your action to the Facebook event page;
  3. Change the image below for your Facebook profile picture.


Organize an Open Shuhada Street action for your campus or town

  • Set up a mock Israeli checkpoint to simulate the discrimination and abuse Palestinians in endure under the apartheid system in Hebron (see see mock checkpoint materials below)
  • Collect signatures to give to your representative, asking them to demand the reopening of Shuhada Street to all people (see petition below in materials)


Shuhada street is vital to Palestinian communal and commercial life. It was the center of the old city’s commercial district before Israeli settlement projects and military rule forced its closure. To this day, the street remain almost entirely closed to Palestinians, while Israeli settlers move freely. The closure of Shuhada Street is a symbol of Israel’s wider apartheid policy of separation.

Youth Against Settlements (YAS) is a Hebron based nonviolent direct action group. It leads an annual Open Shuhada Street campaign, which is implemented both in Palestine and internationally. YAS is also engaged in international advocacy through the UN and other international institutions, including the UN Human Rights Council. YAS’s coordinator, Issa Amro, has been recognized by the European Union as a Human Rights Defender.

For help organizing and being part of the OPEN SHUHADA ST CAMPAIGN 2016 in your city or your University campus, please email YAS at [email protected] or “Contact Us” form.