Rahaf Hassan (2 years) killed in Israeli raid on Gaza in October 2015

DCI: Israel killed 49 children since October

 PNN/ Jerusalem/

Defence for Children International on Tuesday accused the Israeli army willfully killing Palestinian children in the occupied Palestinian territories, QudsNet reported.

Since the start of October, IOF killed more than 175 Palestinians including 49 children.

According to Middle East Monitor, the organisation said: “Repeated killing and shooting of children by Israeli army, and preventing paramedics from offering medical aid to them is considered a form of extrajudicial killing.”

“Evasion from punishment” encourages Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian children, noting that no “real” investigations are opened in the cases where Palestinians have been killed.

An official from the group reiterated that the official Israeli political echelon gave the army the green light to kill Palestinian children after the latest ratification of laws governing the use of arms.