Knesset suspends three Arab lawmakers

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Reuters said that three Arab lawmakers were suspended on Monday from speaking in parliament as punishment for supporting families of Palestinian assailants killed by Israeli forces after “attacks.”

The Knesset “Ethics Committee” ruled that Balad party members Hanin Zoabi and Basel Ghattas would be barred from plenum and committee business for four months and Jamal Zahalka for two months, but they will be able to vote.

Last week, the three visited the families of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in incidents, including one on a bus in Jerusalem last year in which three people were killed. They were accused of standing as a mark of respect for the attackers, but Zahalka denied this and said they were praying.

Israeli Forces have killed over 165 Palestinians since the start of October either on checkpoints or during protests, while some 27 Israelis were killed in attacks.