Al-Qiq rejects Israeli court temporarily decision, strike continues


On Thursday Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq said he rejected the Israeli court decision to temporarily suspend his administrative detention without trial and that he would continue his hunger strike that is now in its 72nd day.

The Israeli Supreme Court suspended his six-month administrative detention sentence citing medical concerns, with the sentence to be resumed upon an improvement of his health.

Due to al-Qiq extreme bad health situation, he could not say what he wanted, so he wrote down on a paper his wishes regarding the Israeli court decision, emphasizing the continuity of his hunger strike until he is completely free, not accepting any temporary decision.

“The decision of the administrative suspension is configurable a laugh at the world. I continue to strike until freedom, and freedom only”, he wrote.

He also emphasized his refusal to receive any medical treatment unless he is transferred to a Palestinian hospital.

12647937_940238439365385_465268807_nAl-Qiq was arrested on 21 November 2015 when Israeli soldiers blew up the front door of his house and took him in for interrogation at Israel’s Kishon (Jalame) detention center.

And so, his hunger-strike, that was started on 24 November 2015, came as a protest against administrative detention in Israeli prisons for six months without any charges or court.

The detention period can also be endlessly renewed every six months.

Previously, other Palestinian prisoners have undertaken hunger strikes to protest their administrative detentions, including last year Khader Adnan and Muhammad Allan, who were both close to death by the time Israel agreed to their release.