Netanyahu asks for condemnations while his shoot-to-kill policy goes on

Netanyahu calls out Mahmoud Abbas for not condemnding West Bank shooting amid ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinians’ rights 

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday has called out the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, for not condemning an attack, where a Palestinian policeman was killed after shooting, injuring three soldiers at the West Bank military checkpointof  Beit El.

Netanyahu tweeted that “The terrorist who shot 3 IDF soldiers today near Beit El was a Palestinian policeman” adding that “Mahmound Abbas has not condemned the attack.”

The tweet comes following a Palestinian welcome of a French led peace summit initiative, that was announced by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Friday, as an attempt to renew diplomatic efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.

France threatened that if the summit does not work, it will recognize a Palestinian state.

Palestinians welcomed the call, while Israel strongly rejected it, saying it is “a threat of recognition that incentivizes Palestinians to not negotiate.”

The third Palestinian uprising has started on October 1st 2015 with Palestinian frustration that followed the Israeli arson attack that burned 11-month-old baby Ali Dawabsheh and both his parents in their house back in July.

About one week ago, the head of the PA’s General Intelligence Service , Majed Faraj, has faced a sharp wave of criticism from the Palestinian public, for announcing that the PA has halted 200 allegedly intended stab attacks by teenagers, in order to avoid more intensions and escalation.

At the same time, Israeli Occupation Forces have killed more than 186 Palestinians since then, at least 34 of them children. A statistic carried by Al-Quds center by the end of last year showed that at least 32% of the killings could be avoided by the Israeli soldiers.

Ten days ago, Israel also announced the biggest land grab since August 2014,  which seized 1,540 Dunams (380 acres), of land near Jericho in the Jordan Valleys, and demolished dozens of Palestinians’ homes, who they claim have carried attacks and were killed or detained, or under the pretext of  no building license.

During 2015, IOF demolished some 478 Palestinian facilities, including homes, clinics and historical sites during 2015.

One of the main reasons for the uprising was the continuous settler attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque, which still take place on a daily basis now.

About 30 Israelis, settlers and soldiers have been killed in attacks.