Ashrawi welcomes the French international peace conference initiative

PNN/ Ramallah/

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi on behalf of the Palestinian Executive Committee, welcomed the French initiative to organize an international peace conference.

“Such a conference should be consistent with international law and include clear objectives and concrete steps to end the occupation and to build a sovereign and free Palestinian state within a specific and binding timeframe,” Ashrawi said.

“Since Israel has persistently violated all agreements, reneged on all commitments and acted in ways to destroy the chances for peace, the conference should also embrace measures for monitoring, arbitration and accountability,” she added.

Ashrawi praised France for taking a leading role, however, she said that its recognition of Palestine “should not be based on the process itself or contingent on negotiations with Israel, instead, it is a requisite for a just peace and for the enactment of Palestinian rights.”

Ashrawi called on all European countries to translate their commitment to the two-state solution into action and to recognize the State of Palestine in the immediate future.  Advocating for a two-state solution by necessity requires a recognition of both states.

The initiative was announced by French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius on Friday, as an attempt to renew diplomatic efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.

Fabius threatened that should the diplomatic offensive fail, France will formally recognize a Palestinian state.

The PLO negotiations affairs department welcomed the invitiation, while Israeli diplomats rejected it, calling it “a threat of recognition incentivizes Palestinians to not negotiate.”

The summit will take place during the next few weeks.