Israeli occupation forces destroy Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank.

IOF warns West Bank villagers: “We will destroy your village next Monday”


The Palestinian village Ein al-Rashrash has been given an ultimatum from the Israeli occupation authorities, as these on Thursday decided that the village has to be destroyed.

According to the news agency Days of Palestine the residents of the village located near Nablus where given until next Monday, the 1st of February, to move out of their homes.

Israeli occupation authorities claim that the village lies in the range of fire of an Israeli military base. An Israeli government official warned them that “They have to evacuate their homes and leave the village very soon.”

Reportedly, Atef Daghlas, an anti-settlement activist, said:

“The Israeli occupation authorities officially informed the residents of the village to leave their homes as it will destroy the village on next Monday.”

The village with its 85 Palestinian inhabitants, who have lived there for decades, will therefore be homeless as from Monday.

“This is a humanitarian massacre carried out by the Israeli occupation against a complete Palestinian village which residents inherited from their grandfathers,” Daghlas said.

Concluding his speech to Days of Palestine, Daghlas called on the human rights groups and international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to prevent it from destroying the village and expelling its indigenous residents.

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