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IOF demolish home in East Jerusalem under the pretext of no building permit

PNN/ Jerusalem/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Wednesday morning have demolished a home under construction in Jabal Al-Mukabber town, occupied east Jerusalem.

Local sources said that Israeli bulldozers razed the house, which belongs to the family of Ibrahim Sorri, under the pretext of no building permits.

On Sunday as well, another Palestinian’s home was demolished by IOF in Taybeh occupied city inside the green line (Israel). However, Palestinian groups have started a fundraising campaign to rebuild it.

Two weeks ago, Israel expressed its outrage from Palestinian donations in West Bank to rebuild the demolished homes of Palestinians.

The donations included  of 19-year-old Muhannad Al-Halabi near Ramallah, after it was destroyed by IOF a few days earlier. Al-Halabi was shot dead by IOF on 3 October 2015, after allegedly stabbing, killing two settlers and injuring another.

Last month, Palestinians also bought and furnished a new home for the family of Ibrahim Al-Akkari in Shu’afat refugee camp, East Jerusalem.

Israel is still going strong with demolition policy, destroying homes under different pretexts, which include security reasons, a lack of building licences, being built near the settlements or across the settlement roads, being built on state lands or being built on green areas, Days of Palestine said.

According to a PLO affiliated study, IOF have destroyed some 478 Palestinian facilities, including homes, clinics and historical sites during 2015.