Dheisheh Refugee Camp celebrates Ahmad Manasrah’s 14th birthday


Palestinians celebrated on Friday evening January 22, the 14th birthday of Ahmad Manasrah in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Behlehem.

Back in October 2015, Ahmad and his cousin Hassan Manasrah, 15, allegedly carried out a stabbing attack on a 13-year old Israeli boy and a 24 year old man in the illegal settlement of Pisgat Zeev in Jerusalem.

Later that same day, a video emerged of Ahmad lying helplessly on the ground with a gunshot wound to his head and broken legs, while adults screamed obscenities at him.

In the distressing footage, voices in Hebrew and Arabic can be heard shouting: “Son of a whore!” and “Die, you fucker, shoot him in the head!”.

At the time, it was unclear if he was shot dead or if he was seriously injured which caused a major diplomatic row between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority after Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech on that day that the boy had been killed.

The Israeli government responded to Abbas comments by releasing photos, a video and a statement about the boy. Mr Abbas later said he had been misled by an aide.

After Ahmad recovered in the hospital, he was sent to court and charged by the Israeli Jerusalem District Court for attempt to murder two Israelis on Oct. 12 in occupied Jerusalem.

Under the Israeli Law, children under the age of 14 are considered minors, so Manasrah’s arrest has been extended repeatedly since his released from hospital.

Ahmed_Manasra_3473717b-620x330Until yesterday, January 22, he remained in a “closed facility”.

However, now he will be judged as an adult, according to a new Israeli racist law, which allows Israel to arrest and judge Palestinian children as adults with only 14-years-old.

IBDA’A* Institute in Deheisha Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, on January 10, launched an international campaign to ask for support from the international community to pressure the Israeli government to release Ahmad and to show the world Israel’s unjustified crimes and policies against Palestinian children.

The campaign was named “We will continue pulsing”, and the organizers stated that they will continue to work until Israel releases Ahmad and all the other Palestinian children from its jails.

It went until January 22 – when he became 14-years-old.

Now, Ahmad’s family expects the worst from his trial, once they know that there is no justice in the Israeli legal system for Palestinians, especially with the present right wing government who works to satisfy extremist settlers.

Issa Qaraque, the Palestinian Prisoners Minister, back on January 10, stated that Ahmad suffered not just once, but twice: first when he was beaten on the street, and then when he was interrogated.

For him, it only shows how the Israeli government deals with Palestinian children; not as children, but as adults and criminally.

Below, photos of his birthday celebration by the people in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem.



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