Israeli tanks carry out a limited invasion into Gaza strip

PNN/ Khan Younis/
Israeli Occupation tanks and bulldozers on Wednesday morning have invaded the agricultural lands owned by citizens east of Khan Younis City, southern Gaza strip.

Local sources said that four tanks and three bulldozers have carried out a limited invasion some 150 meters into the land.

The tanks came from the Kisovim military zone on the eastern borders of the city, bulldozed lands and made sand berms in midst of live fire and smoke grenades to cover up the invasion.

Last Wednesday, Israeli Air force stroke the city of Beit Lahia, northern Gaza, killing one and injuring three others, under the pretext that they targeted a Palestinian “military unit” planning to plant explosives on the Gaza-Israeli borders.

However, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, the raids killed civilian Musa Abu Zuaiter (31) and injured three others with moderate to critical injuries.

Following the strike, IOF banned Gazans from approaching some one kilometer towards the Gaza beach border, claiming there have been attempts to plan explosive bombs on the borders.

Before the strike, the Israeli army invaded Beit Lahia and razed some 50 Square Kilometers of land, and reportedly targeted fishermen off Beit Lahia shores.

Since 2008, Israel has targeted Gaza with three deadly aggressions, slaughtering thousands of Gazans and leaving tens of thousands permanently injured.