An aerial photograph of a home to be demolished

IOF hand out demolition notices to four families of alleged stabbers

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Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Wednesday overnight have handed out demolition notices to at least four family homes in the districts of Hebron, Bethlehem and Salfit, occupied West Bank.

On Tuesday late night, IOF have scanned the home of 16-year-old Mourad Adais who was kidnapped by IOF and accused of stabbing a 38-year-old settler and mother in her house in Otniel settlement, south of Hebron on Sunday.

The threats also included the home of Othman Sha’lan in Bethlehem, and Rami Masalmeh from a village in the southern Hebron hills, who allegedly carried out stabbing operatives against settlers.

On Wednesday dawn as well, IOF broke into the home of prisoner Abdul-Aziz Mer’i, in a village near Salfit, northern West Bank.

IOF detained the family and raided the home, then handed out a demolition notice that will take effect next Sunday (24 January/ 2016).

Abdul-Aziz was kidnapped from his form in Abu Dis village east of Jerusalem, under accusations of planning with and assisting Muhannad Al-Halabi in the stabbing operative that took place in Jerusalem on October 1st.

A written demolition notice
A written demolition notice

The demolition threats were handed with both an aerial photograph and a written notice which includes the list of accusations.

On Wednesday morning, IOF have demolished a home under construction in East Jerusalem. On Monday morning, they also demolished a home in Kharabtha village, east of Ramallah city and another facility near Nablus city.

According to a PLO affiliated study, IOF have destroyed some 478 Palestinian facilities, including homes, clinics and historical sites during 2015.

Israel is still going strong with demolition policy, destroying homes under different pretexts, which include security reasons, a lack of building licenses, being built near the settlements or across the settlement roads, being built on state lands or being built on green areas.


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