PCHR: 10 Palestinians killed last week alone


In its weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 07- 13 January 2016, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) found that Israeli occupation forces continued to use excessive force against Palestinians.

According to the report, nine Palestinian civilians, including two children, were killed, and one armed resistance fighter was killed by the IOF.

The report states that:

21 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children, were wounded in the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.

The IOF conducted 72 incursions into Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank and a limited one in the southern Gaza Strip. 64 Palestinian civilians, including 8 children, were abducted.

House demolitions on grounds of collective punishment.

On 08 January 2016, the IOF demolished the house belonging to Shafiq Mohammed Halabi in al-Basateen neighborhood, northwest of Sarda village, north of Rmallah.

IOF conducted 72 incursions into Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank and a limited one in the southern Gaza Strip.

During the reporting period, the IOF conducted at least 72 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank and 6 ones in occupied East Jerusalem.

During these incursions, Israeli soldiers arrested at least 64 Palestinian civilians, including eight children. Twelve of these civilians, including four children, were arrested in East Jerusalem.

During the reporting period, on 11 January 2016, they also raided Birzeit University, north of Ramallah.

They detained the university security officers and then raided the offices of the student blocs and Student Council, from which they confiscated their contents.

In the Gaza Strip, on 13 January 2016, the IOF moved about 100 meters to the east of al-Qararah village, east of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

They leveled lands that were already leveled previously and withdrew later.

Jewish majority efforts continued in occupied East Jerusalem.

2 under-construction houses in Silwan village and parts of a restaurant in Sour Baher village were demolished.

Allocations (National Insurance) of a number of civilians were suspended as part of the collective punishment policy.

Illegal settlement activities continued in the occupied West Bank.

A plant nursery, south of Nablus, was demolished, and “Mevo Dotan” settlement’s checkpoint, southwest of Jenin, was expanded.

IOF turned the occupied West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 9th year.

Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the occupied West Bank and other were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.

5 Palestinian civilians were arrested at military checkpoints.

Israeli attacks and killings in the occupied West Bank:

During the past week, the IOF killed nine Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

In two separate crimes of excessive use of force, on 07 January 2016, the IOF killed four Palestinian civilians, including a child; all of whom are from Sa’ir village, north of Hebron.

They claimed that the four civilians attempted to stab Israeli soldiers.

According to PCHR’s investigations on the first crime, at approximately 20:00, on the above mentioned day, the IOF deployed around Gush Etzion illegal settlement compound, south of Bethlehem, shot dead three Palestinian civilians, from Sa’ir village.

The killed civilians were identified as Ahmed Salem Abdul Majid Kawazbah (19), Alaa Abed Mohammed Kawazbah (19) and Mohammed Zeyad Kawazbah (18).

On the same above mentioned day, at approximately 22:0, the IOF deployed at the western entrance to Sa’ir village Beit Aynoun, east of Hebron, and shot dead Khalil Mohammed Shalaldah (16).

Additionally, in excessive use of force, on 09 January 2016, the IOF stationed at al-Hamrah military checkpoint, southeast of Tubas, killed two Palestinian civilians claiming that one of them attempted to stab Israeli soldiers searching cars at the aforementioned checkpoint.

The killed civilians were identified as Ali Mohammed Hajj Mohammed (21), from al-Jadidah village, southeast of Jenin, a third year student at al-Quds Open University; and Sa’id Jawdat Abu al-Wafa (38), from al-Zawiya village, south of Jenin.

On 12 January 2016, Israeli soldiers killed Srour Abu Srour (19), a student at al-Quds Open University, from Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem.

They opened fire at dozens of Palestinian civilians after the former moved into Beit Jala. It should be noted that Srour was killed while going back home from university.

On the same day afternoon, the IOF stationed at the eastern entrance to Beit Aynoun village that has been closed for a month with an iron gate, killed Adnan Mashni (17), from al-Shyoukh village, east of Hebron, and Mohammed Kawazbah (23), from Sa’ir village, east of the city.

They claimed that one of the two above mentioned persons attempted to stab an Israeli soldier.

Israeli attacks and killings in the Gaza Strip:

In the Gaza Strip, the IOF killed a member of a Palestinian armed group and wounded 14 others, including two children and two members of an armed group.

It happened when Israeli soldiers targeted members of an armed group, north of the Gaza Strip. The remaining others were wounded during protests near the border fence.
On 13 January 2016, Israeli occupation forces stationed at the coastal border area, northwest of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, fired a shell at members of a Palestinian armed group that was carrying out a combat activity on the beach.

As a result, one of them named Mousa Abu Z’aitar, from Jabalia refugee camp, was wounded with many shrapnel to the left side of the chest and was immediately killed.

Moreover, two armed members sustained shrapnel wounds throughout their bodies and a fish trader sustained shrapnel wounds to the left side.

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