Sorour Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Srour, 21.

IOF break into Beit Jala, young Palestinian man killed


On Tuesday morning Israeli occupation forces broke into the town of Beit Jala, in the Sahel area, west of Bethlehem, erecting a military checkpoint in the middle of the street which contains a number of restaurants and shops.

According to locals, four Israeli military jeeps entered the area and broke into a number of shops demanding the owners their shop surveillance cameras.

They claimed that a Palestinian car, when crossing the Container military checkpoint in Beit Jala area, opened fire at Israeli soldiers, Tuesday morning.  No injuries were reported.

Following the shooting, the IOF closed the checkpoint in both directions and stormed the nearby town of al-Obaidiya.

In Beit Jala, the IOF erected a military checkpoint, preventing vehicles from passing through the main street that leads to Bethlehem city.

Clashes between young Palestinians and the IOF erupted shortly after the invasion.

A young Palestinian man was killed during the confrontation. He was shot in his chest with a live bullet. People at the scene rushed him into Beit Jala public hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the young man as 21-year-old Srour Ahmad Abu Srour,21, from Aida refugee camp to Bethlehem’s north area.

The director of the Red Crescent ambulance and emergency crew in Bethlehem, Mohamed Awad, said that many young men were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets or by suffocation due to the large amount of tear gas. All of them were treated on the scene.

At the same time, in al-Obaidiya area, the IOF found the car they suspect is the same one that the shots came from in the Container checkpoint. No one was identified or arrested by the IOF until this moment.

That particularly area in Beit Jala is extremely busy and contains a lot of restaurants, shops and markets.

Furthermore, it was supposed to be under the Palestinian Authority (PA) control. However, the IOF regularly breaks their agreement and invade PA controlled areas.



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