Jan.3, 2016: A relative stands inside the burned-out home of the young Dawabsha family. Credit: AFP

Disclosure: the settlers’ plan to create a messianic kingdom


Israel decided to use torture against ‘it’s own’ as the internal intelligence service last year struggled with the uncovering of a murder case against the Palestinian baby Ali and his parents, Riham and Saad Dawabsha. They were killed July 31 last year in their home in the village of Duma, when Israeli settlers threw a Molotov cocktail into the family home.

Excerpts of the fundamentalists’ plan

The case has evolved from not only a cold-blooded murder, but also the unveiling of a political scandal. Behind the murder of the young family was a network of illegal Jewish settlers with a fundamentalist plan to get Israel to collapse in favor of a new messianic kingdom of Israel and the occupied Palestinian areas are today.

“Initially would all Arabs and non-Jews be warned that they were to leave the country. In the second phase, the plan was immediately to kill all who refuse to leave the country, including women and children”

Interrogations have according to the Israeli  journalist  Ben Caspit led to the unveiling of a Jewish underground network with the sensational goal to evoke a political and violent chaos that was to get Israel to collapse and with the right to expel or kill Christians, Muslim and other non-Jewish citizens.

Caspit has in the magazine al-Monitor described how the underground network would promote its fundamentalist revolt by killing Arabs.

Reportedly, the expectation was to pit the Arab world and the international community against Israel, undermine the authority of the central government and create chaos that would lead to a revolt. Then, during the revolt, the reins of government would be placed in the hands of those believing in the supremacy of the Torah over democracy.

The murder of the Palestinian family was not the network’s first act of violence. The intelligence service was already on the trail of the Jewish fundamentalists who previously had put churches and mosques on fire in the West Bank.

But according to the Israeli press, the murder and the heavy-handed interrogation of the Israelis led to the unveiling of the plan to get Israel to collapse.

The case has attracted attention in Israel. The Jewish underground network that threatened Israel from within, has, according to Ben Caspit been covered by 30-40 activists who have carried out terror against Palestinians.

But another group of about 100 young settlers have supported acts of terrorism and even been part of the fundamentalist network, residents of various illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

According to the Israeli commentator further several hundred, “perhaps several thousand ‘, have supported the network’s idea to seek Israel replaced by a Judaic kingdom.

Controversial use of torture

 Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein gave according to the newspaper Ha’aretz – and other Israeli newspapers – green light for the Shin Bet, the internal security service could take torture in use.

Defense lawyers of the three Jewish Israeli youth, who were arrested and charged with the murders, according to forward.com, complained that their clients were blindfolded, deprived of sleep and beaten as part of the interrogation.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, considered the settlers’ chief spokesman of the government, defended the police:

“Those like we support the Shin Bet’s actions against Palestinian terrorism to save Jewish lives, cannot resist (these actions, ed.), When applied against Jewish terrorism,” said Bennett, according to the Times of Israel.

The Israeli human rights movement B’Tselem, which usually complain of mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody, have also complained in this case:

“People during interrogation must under no circumstances be subjected to maltreatment and torture,” said B’Tselem.

According to Ben Caspit, the security services reckon that the incident in Duma was one of the formative causes for the eruption of the Palestinian revolt wave that broke out in October.

“The perception that Israel hurries to solve Arab acts of ‘terror’ but is not capable of subduing Jewish terror aroused much agitation among the Palestinians and also internal criticism in Israel.”

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