IOF demolished Mosque and 5 Bedouin houses on Wednesday


On Wednesday Israeli occupation forces demolished a mosque in the Palestinian Bedouin village of Rakhama in the Negev and as well as five houses belonging to Palestinian Bedouin families in the Abu Nuwwar community east of occupied Jerusalem — part of the wider E1 corridor — leaving 25 people homeless.

Talal Abu Arar, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset, stated that he attempted to prevent the demolition of the Mosque in the Negev, however he was unable to convince the Israeli authorities: “They do not spare any effort in exerting pressure on the Arab population of the Negev in their attempt to empty the land of Arabs and to displace them,” he said.

Abu Arar also slammed Israeli authorities for not providing “any services to Palestinians in unrecognized villages”, despite collecting taxes from Palestinians

The demolished Mosque in the Negev.
The demolished Mosque in the Negev.

Rakhama is one of around 40 Bedouin villages in the Negev that Israeli authorities refuses to recognize — together holding nearly 90,000 people.

The Israeli policy regarding Palestinian Bedouins — who live under the constant threat of displacement — has been constantly slammed by Human Rights Watch as completely disregarding international law, which forbids discriminatory evictions.

Also on Wednesday, the IOF demolished five houses in the Abu Nuwwar Bedouin community.

According to local sources,  the families were not given any time to remove their belongings before the demolitions started.

“I showed them a court decision banning demolition, but the [Israeli] officer in charge refused to see it and instead told me he had a demolition order from the [Israeli] Civil Administration,” Dawood al-Jahalin, a spokesperson for the Abu Nuwwar Bedouin community said.

Israel’s Civil Administration said in a statement that the families of the five houses had refused to move to “legal buildings with appropriate infrastructure near their current illegal structures.” As a result, it said two “illegal structures” were demolished following “the required executive procedures.”

Abu Nuwwar is one of several Bedouin villages facing forced evacuation due to plans by Israeli authorities to build thousands of homes for Jewish-only settlements in the E1 corridor.

Human rights groups say the measure will lead to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians living there.