Activists open lawsuit against infamous Hebron settler who attacked internationals

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Several human rights and Palestinian solidarity groups on Tuesday morning have opened lawsuit against infamous extremist Hebron settler, Anat Cohen, who has attacked, terrorized a German activist a few weeks ago.

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), Youth Against Settlement group, International Solidarity Movement, and more rights groups have opened a judicial complaint against the settler to hold her accountable for violations.

The settler Anat Cohen was filmed on December 15 attacking a German human rights activist in Hebron, calling her names, and then walking away from the scene, in an act that projects the settler violence, brutality and racism. The incident took place in presence of tens of soldiers.

The activist responded by saying that she wants to make a complaint, and did not assault Cohen by any means.

This is not the only infamous appearance of Cohen, but this is the first time a judicial complaint is opened against her.

Head of PSCC, Munther Amira told PNN that the lawsuit has been opened in the Hebron Public Prosecutor headquarters, in presence of the activist who was assaulted, in addition ISM representatives, director of the office of the Palestinian Independent Association for Human Rights in the south of the West bank, Lawyer Farid Al-Atrash, and head of the youth Against settlements group in Hebron, Issa Amr.


Amira said that the lawsuit has been opened in the Palestinian Authority, since the Israeli Law ignores settler violence and closes their files without being prosecuted.

Therefore, the file will be opened by the Palestinian court, raised to the Israeli courts, and to international courts for thorough investigation.

Amira added that this is a step towards sanctioning extremist settler violence who are armed or protected by armed Israeli soldiers.

Head of the Youth Against settlements in Hebron, Issa Amr said that the settlers have impunity against the Palestinian law and still illegally live in the Occupied West Bank, where they keep assaulting Palestinian homes and citizens with full support of the Israeli Authorities.

Hebron is now surrounded by tens of illegal settlements inhibited by some 8000 ultra-orthodox extremist settlers.

Settlers have recorded daily assaults against Palestinian civilians, especially children, and homes.

Several settlers have been filmed harrassing schoolchildren in Hebron. Settler violence lead to Palestinian fatalities during the past months, where an Israeli settler shot-dead a Palestinian, and was recorded by activists. However, he was not questioned or taken responsibility for the killing of an innocent civilian.

Settlers have also prevented Palestinians from opening their shops in the Old City, and recently lead to the prevention of the Islamic call for prayer because they’re “annoyed.” They are also granted privilege to enter the Ibrahimi Mosque against religious restrictions.