Still image from video of Ghbeish being attacked by soldiers (Palestine TV)

Palestinian man dies due to severe wounds from 3 weeks ago


On New Year’s Eve, a Palestinian man died of severe wounds suffered weeks ago, after Israeli soldiers invaded al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah.

According to IMEMC, three weeks ago, Shadi Ghbeish, 38, was repeatedly beaten by several Israeli soldiers after they fired many gas bombs at his home, causing his family to suffer severe effects of tear gas inhalation.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Shadi al-Ghabeesh was released from Ramallah’s Palestine Medical complex on Dec. 13, after having recovered.

At the time, doctors said al-Ghabeesh was released in a stable condition.

Due to what is believed to have been complications from the bullet injury, al-Ghabeesh fell ill on New Year’s evening, his family said.

According to local sources, when the doctors reached his family home, he had already died.

Earlier on Thursday, the IOF shot and killed a young Palestinian after a suspected vehicular operation near the Huwwara military checkpoint in the district of Nablus.

The Palestinian was identified as Hassan Ali Hassan Bozor,22, from the town of Arraba east of Jenin.

On his last statement, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported that 144 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since October 1, and more than 15.710 Palestinians have been injured; among the slain Palestinians are 27 children and 7 women.

The Ministry added that 1887 Palestinians were shot with live rounds, 3104 with rubber-coated metal bullets and 10.231 suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, in addition to 360 who suffered fractures and bruises after Israeli soldiers assaulted them, and 38 suffered burns.

Also according to the Health Ministry, 358 children were shot by live gunfire, 154 with rubber-coated steel bullets, 27 were shot with gas bombs fired directly toward them, and 54 were beaten by Israeli soldiers.