IOF to return 23 Palestinians’ corpses to their families today


Israeli authorities are expected to hand over the bodies of 23 Palestinians from different areas of the occupied West Bank this Friday afternoon.

17 of them are from the Hebron area. The city’s governor, Kamel Hamid, following the announcement stated that the decision was made following continuous demands of the families of the slain Palestinians.

The names of the Palestinians from the Hebron district whose bodies are expected to be handover today :
1. Basil Bassam Sider
2. Fadhil Abdullah Qawasmah
3. Hamza Mousa al-Amlah
4. Saad Muhammad al-Atrash
5. Shadi Nabil al-Qudsi
6. Izz al-Din Nadi Abu Shkheidem
7. Humaam Adnan al-Sa’eed
8. Islam Rafiq Obeido
9. Mahdi Muhammad al-Muhtaseb
10. Farouq Abd al-Qadir Sider
11. Fadi Hassan al-Froukh
12. Malik Talal al-Shareef
13. Mustafa Fadhil Fanoon
14. Ibah Fathi Miswadeh
15. Omar Issa al-Za’aqeeq
16. Tahir Fanoon
17. Abd al-Rahman Miswadeh

The IOF still detain the bodies of nearly 50 Palestinians that have been killed in the past three months.

The bodies are handed back to their families under strict conditions that can include time, place, number of people in the funeral, and a potential fine.

On Wednesday, the IOF returned the body of Baseem Salah (38) from Nablus in terrible conditions.

The body was completely frozen, and his feet were blended one meter above the ground, which forced the family to wait till the body defrosts the next day  to bury him.

The bodies are kept in refrigerators that can reach up to 80 Celsius degrees below zero.

Several reports have accused Israel of harvesting organs and operating other violations on the dead bodies of Palestinians, in addition to placing tight restrictions in order to prevent anatomy and hide any theft of organs.

Since the start of October, 144 Palestinians have been killed, including 27 children and 7 women. Some 15,000 have been injured by live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas.