MADA: No protection of Intellectual Property in Palestine

MADA/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” issued two studies, the first one is “ intellectual property and freedom of expression” in Palestine, and the second one is “the Legal Unit .. the importance and effectiveness of for defending journalists” based on the experience of MADA Legal Unit.The first study, which was prepared by researcher Taghreed Sa’adeh, and supported by International Media Support (IMS), mainly focused on the legal regulations available for protection of intellectual property in Palestine as well as the social awareness regarding that right .It also shows how the protection of intellectual property has an impact on freedom of expression and creativity.

However, the lack of intellectual property protection has a serious effect on cultural, intellectual, scientific and literary production. Moreover, the violations of intellectual property lead to weakening the potential creativity and production.

On another hand, the absence of protection intellectual property leads to distorting competition, in addition to leading creators to feel that their productions are valueless, due to the lack of the protection of their products, which actually unlike to what happens in countries that protect intellectual property, which, in fact, resulting in encouraging the intellectual competition in addition to enhancing the flow of information as well as freedom of expression.

The study presents the experience of Britain, which is considered the leader of protecting intellectual property, besides the experience of Morocco, which has also an advanced experience in the Arabic world.

However, the study recommends the enactment of a law to protect intellectual property in Palestine in line with the international standers, in addition to joining the international conventions of protecting intellectual property.

Thus, Mr. Mousa Rimawi – MADA director general- confirms that: “the importance of that study is to contribute on addressing the problem of the protection of intellectual property, in the time of escalation of intellectual property violations.” He also added that: “MADA will work to promote that right, and to spread a culture that respect intellectual property, in addition to calling for the enactment of a modern law to protect intellectual property in Palestine, in cooperation with all concerned governmental and NGOs.

Hence, MADA organized two separate seminars, in Ramallah and Gaza, with the participation of “journalists, academics and representatives of official institutions and NGOs”, which discussed the study draft, many recommendations of participants were included in the study.

On the other hand, the second study of “the Legal Unit .. the importance and effectiveness of for defending journalists”, which was prepared by researcher Mousa Jaraddat, and supported by the “EU” reviewed many serious topics relating to the protection of journalists. Such as the legal environment of freedom of expression protection , the electronic crimes in Palestine.

The second section of the study focuses on the role of MADA Legal Unit in defending and providing free legal aid and consultancy to Palestinian journalists in West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, it is really important to enhance the role of that Legal Unit in a way to decreasing the violations against media freedoms, in addition to calling for accountability for those responsible for these serious violations, as one of the most important basic elements in enhancing freedom of expression in Palestine.