Isaac's family went to collect their son on the Rafah crossing point

Egypt returns Palestinian it killed last week for crossing water borders

PNN/ Gaza/

The Egyptian Authorities on Thursday afternoon returrned the body of Isaac Hassan (22) who was killed last week by the Egyptian army, for crossing the Egyptian borders, completely naked.

The youth was shot whilst in the seawater, when he was 10 meters into the Egyptian border, completely naked.

Egyptian soldiers shot him with multiple bullets leading to his immediate death, then dragged him and detained his body until today.

Egyptian soldiers detained the youth after shooting him in the sea
Egyptian soldiers detained the youth after shooting him in the sea

The shooting resulted in a popular Palestinian, and even Egyptian wave of anger on Social media, raising the hashtag “Why Did They Kill Him?” as the video footage by AlJazeera confirms that the youth did not form any kind of danger on Egypt since he was obviously unarmed.

According to the victim’s mother, Isaac underwent several surgeries in his knee and. He still needed more surgeries and medicines but was not allowed to leave Israeli blockaded Gaza, since Egypt has closed down the crossing point for over a year now, following attacks that killed tens of its soldiers.

The mother added that her son might have crossed the borders out of “frustration” since the pain in his knee was intolerable.

The crossing point was opened today only to return Isaac’s body.