The martyr's feet were bended and frozen one meter above the ground.

Martyr’s funeral postponed till his corpse defrosts

PNN/ Nablus/
The family of martyr Baseem Salah (38) from Nablus on Tuesday night decided to postpone the funeral of their son until his body defrosts, since he was kep in a refrigerator since 29 November, preventing any chance of his burial.

IOF handed the corpse back to the family through the Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus city, after over a month of detention.

According to the family, the martyr’s gestures were changed and his body was bended. His feet were bended some one meter above the ground, and so he could not be buried under any circumstances.

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Even though Israeli restrictions dictate that the martyr be buried within one hour of returning the body at night, the family refused to bury him in this condition, saying that he deserves a respected funeral.

Salah was shot dead in Jerusalem last month, under alleged stabbing of a soldier.

Human Rights organizations have exposed that Israeli Occupation Authorities keep the corpses of the martyrs in refrigerators that reach -80 Celcius degrees, in order to prevent any anatomy investigations.

Israel has been accused of harvesting organs and operating other violations. 

Israel has retunred several bodies of martyrs that they willfully killed in the past few months, and still retains some 50 bodies, refusing to give them back.

The bodies are handed back to their families under strict conditions that include time, place, and number of people in the funeral.

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