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IOF raid Charity and Human Rights centers, confiscate property

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday dawn broke into the headquarters of the Bethlehem Islamic Charity (Zakaah) Commission and Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights in Nablus, raided them and confiscated vital properties.

In the early morning hours, a group of soldiers stormed into the Charity headquarters in Bethlehem,  broke doors and gates, raided the center, confiscated files computers and stole orphan papers.

Sheikh Youssef Ideis, Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs, said that these attacks meant to hurt the people most in need, indicating the Israeli despair and thirst to damage the Palestinian society.

Ideis demanded protection for the commission under international law, to keep helping people in need.

This morning as well, soldiers broke into Ahrar center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights in Nablus, confiscatred computers and raided the center.

Director of the center, Fu’ad Al-Khuffash also said that the soldiers have given them a closure threat.

These raid and confiscations have been repeatedly executed by IOF, especially in the past few months. Several Media centers, Human Rights and Medical centers have been attacked, raided, robbed and given closure threats.

In the beginning of December, soldiers broke into Al-Ihsan Medical center and confiscated computers and patient files, in addition to management papers, and damaged parts of the building.